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Celtic Wedding

The earliest traces of civilization on the territory of modern Czech Republic was left by Celts. Already in II century BC Boii tribes lived here, which unlike other Celtic tribes kept the “purity of the race.” The Celtic Oppidum Zavist in the countryside of Prague is rightly called the cradle of Celts.



Celtic Oppidum
Celtic Settlement
Obri hrad
Celtic Oppidum

The ritual is held in a forest, near a holy spot or on a meadow, surrounded by a stone ring. During the ceremony, the couple drinks mead (honey drink) from the same goblet, then lights a bonfire which is a symbol of love and passion of the couple. Afterwards, the handfasting ceremony is performed with a special ribbon, which is kept by the couple and is regarded as a wedding ring.

The holy handfasting ceremony is conducted with the help of a tin wand the ends of which are sculpted in the form of two animals: one is the symbol of the feminine deity – the Goddess represented by a snake, the other is a bull, the God, the masculine deity. The ritual is performed by an initiated Druid.



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